Setting Standards for an Evolving Industry

From field to finish, our team is dedicated to producing the highest quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil on the planet, both sustainably and ethically. This is the Verdant Oasis Difference™.

Understand The Difference

Secure Ancestral
Hemp Genetics

Our hemp plants come from ancestral lineages of hemp strains cultivated and consumed in Europe for centuries. The genetic profiles and expressions of our EU certified hemp cultivars are subject to extensive regulations that ensure hemp phenotype stability as well as consistent, robust phytocannabinoid profiles with native terpenes and cannflavins essential to activate the synergistic entourage effect.

Traceable From Seed
To Unique Biomass

Our EU Commission-certified industrial hemp seeds are non-GMO and never chemically treated, with predictably stable THC far below 0.2%.  We grow true agricultural hemp.  Beautiful 6 – 8 feet tall plants with fibrous stems characteristic of genuine agricultural hemp and classified by USP and international law as “non-narcotic” Cannabis. Independent genetic tests confirm the provenance of VO’s hemp. Our biomass is derived from time-proven mold resistant strains, independently tested to confirm it’s never contaminated with Aflatoxins, glyphosate or pesticides.  All customers are offered samples of our biomass, and VO extends an open invitation to our clients & partners to visit our farms.

Here is a typical chromatographic profile of our Panoramic Entourage Hemp Oil depicting phytocannabinoids and cannaflavins.

Unmatched Phytocannabinoid Profile

The proof is in the profile – the most comprehensive full-spectrum HPLC fingerprint. The chromatogram of our Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp Oil is a complex signature of a robust range of native compounds– a full and well-balanced bouquet of phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBE, CBDa, CBGa, CBDV, etc.), plus powerful cannflavins, which we call a Panoramic Entourage™.

We refuse to sacrifice safety, purity or quality when it comes to producing the world’s finest hemp oil. We promise never to use modified or enhanced genetics and never to deliver anything other than high quality, pure hemp oil.

Purity, Safety, Efficacy

We never risk compromising the integrity of our hemp’s naturally occurring chemical composition, which is why our commitment to purity and safety doesn’t stop after extraction. We set the industry standard for third-party lab testing, above-line industry safety procedures, and progressive measures in phytocannabinoid science. We promise to always provide third-party lab reports and chromatograms.

Verdant Oasis Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp Oil has undergone extensive toxicity studies.  Self-affirmed GRAS in accordance with FDA’s Redbook guidance will be completed in summer 2020.

Additional Attributes
of Verdant Oasis

VO partners are qualified to enter the global market because our strains have international approval.  In addition, we are dedicated to helping our partners manage their product portfolio life cycle to optimize financial benefit from this evolving lucrative sector. Following the “commodity” “single magic bullet” CBD story will not support long-term financial success. VO’s expert team of scientists and clinicians are available for R&D support, formulation development, marketing assistance, and education for staff and clients.

VO is investing significant resources for innovation and discovery in affiliation with institutional partners internationally to develop next-generation Endocannabinoid System products, including synergies between phytocannabinoids and proprietary cannabimimetic natural products, and to expand its IP portfolio and maintain international market leadership in foods, personal care, and pharma.