Our Products

From crop to drop Verdant Oasis is a global producer of exceptional quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil products processed from seed bank certified strains of true industrial hemp with decades of safe human consumption. Our products exceed industry standards and are available in USDA-NOP organic and conventional formats. In addition, our IP process technology can provide clients with non-detectable THC or legal limit THC. Our Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil was subjected to 2-year real time stability and thermal degradation protocols, with rigorous analytical testing, and is awarded a seal of excellence to assure exceptional quality and potency.

We invite you to explore our extraordinary product formats below.

Panoramic Entourage™
IP Hemp Oil

Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp Oil contains a full bouquet of phytocannabinoids and cannflavins (Cannabis flavonoids) in grades ranging from 5% – 20% phytocannabinoid actives. Our seed bank certified agricultural hemp is processed with gentle multi-step proprietary extraction techniques to preserve nature’s native phytocannabinoid profile – a true botanical concentrate. Our exclusive extraction methods yield a color palette from vibrant green to amber-gold depending on the client needs and formats selected.

Our farms and hemp oil are government regulated and third-party tested to ensure our hemp oil is the purest and safest available, crafted as mother nature intended.

Best Applications: Tinctures, soft gels, cosmetics, foods, and pet health

Microencapsulated Panoramic Entourage™
IP Hemp Oil Powder

Verdant Oasis’ Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp Oil is available as a  microencapsulated powder, scientifically formulated with clean-label plant based ingredients as conventional or organic (ECO & USDA-NOP) product.  It’s ideal for incorporating into powdered beverage blends for sports and dietary plans or edibles and 2-piece capsules. Our Panoramic Entourage™ IP hemp oil microencapsulated powder is available as a 10% phytocannabinoid active rich grade.

Best Applications: capsules, tablets, foods, cosmetics, beverage mixes, and pet health

Water Dispersible Micellized
Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp Oil

Verdant Oasis’ water-dispersible micellized oil is a form of Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp Oil that can be easily incorporated into a wide range of liquids and RTD beverages. The micellized oil is formulated with nature by combining three simple natural ingredients – VO Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil, quillaja, and water, as a conventional or certified organic (ECO and USDA-NOP) ingredient.  Our nanoscale micellized oil is available from 5%- 8% phytocannabinoid-rich actives.

Best Applications: Ready-to-drink beverages

Proprietary Formulations
for your Products

VO’s expert R&D team works directly with your company’s vision and marketing strategy to craft unique intellectual property for distinctive endocannabinoid system support products. With customized ratios of phytocannabinoids, cannabis flavonoids, and cannabimimetic natural ingredients, the Verdant Oasis Product Innovation team will make your company stand out among the single magic bullet products that pervade the marketplace.

We provide turnkey blends that become your exclusive proprietary property made explicitly for your company’s vision, goals, and needs.

Our turnkey blends are a finished product that strictly adheres to industry regulations, making a seamless and secure transition from start-up to successful hemp business. You can craft with confidence when you know you’re working with the best ingredients and experts.

Best Applications: Tinctures, softgels, capsules, tablets, powder or liquid blends, RTD’s, foods, cosmetics, and pet health

Verdant Oasis Seal of Excellence

In the spirit of providing raw materials with extraordinary quality and purity, we set the highest product benchmarks. The seal of excellence is awarded to products that meet the following criteria:

  1. Identification: VO Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil is extracted from true industrial hemp. Under current USP guidelines it is classified as non-narcotic hemp.
  2. Non-GMO:VO Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil is processed from non-GMO seed bank certified true industrial hemp seeds that are not genetically altered marijuana hybrids.
  3. Organic: VO Organic Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil is eco-farmed, harvested and extracted under strict EU guidelines and certified USDA-NOP organic.
  4. Purity (as per USP guidelines):
    1. Each lot of VO Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil is independently tested for aflatoxins, pesticides and herbicides, including Roundup® (glyphosates).
    2. Each lot of VO Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil is independently tested for heavy metals and meets California Prop-65 standards.
    3. Each lot of VO Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil is independently tested to confirm it meets food industry standards microbial contamination.
  5. Potency: Each lot of VO’s Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil is independently analyzed to confirm its complex botanical fingerprint and the levels of key phytocannabinoids.
  6. Safety: In preparation for self-affirmed GRAS, VO Panoramic Entourage™ IP Hemp oil has demonstrated the highest NOAEL of any hemp product and undergone extensive toxicology testing to meet established FDA standards for safe for human consumption.

Are you searching for the best vertically integrated hemp oil producer? Contact Verdant Oasis today to schedule a meeting with our experts and find out how we can help you with your hemp oil and product development needs.